When your hands are busy holding an idea they can't type.

-- Seth Godin

Hi, I'm Mark. Mark Thompson. I make stuff, make sense of stuff, or make sense of it for others.

So far, that's mostly been in the world of football, but Python, data science, and a good attitude go a long way.

You can find some of my projects (on football data insights, spatio-temporal data, data visualisation design, React and Django Rest Framework use) below:

A blog for Twenty3 on the design of our take on an xG (expected goals) timeline data visualisation, with considerations for multiple audiences. [External link]

A project write-up on the processing, ideation, and repurposing of prior work, pivoting from a previous idea to looking at how goalkeepers respond to pressure when on the ball in football.

Write-up of a project to create an interface for a personal football analytics library database, with files stored in and retrieved from cloud storage.

An edition of the 'Get Goalside' newsletter aiming to take existing analytics research and apply it to a slightly different use-case, creating positional labels from unlabelled data. [External link]

A mini-site of tutorials to help people learn to code using football data (from the website FBref), using the Python framework Streamlit. [External link]

An article from July 2022 about the turnover of Real Madrid men's squad featuring some interactive d3 visualisations.